Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mobile game studio portfolio part 3: Greed for Glory and Bob Vs Bear

Greed for Glory is a 3D game with fun assets. Here are some high-res images I was able to make for it.

Here are some icons from Greed for Glory:

This is an icon concept, never finished.

Advertising high-res assets

Variety of building concepts

Concept, UV and final model with texture

Very quick character turnarounds.

"Very Legolas-like" elf:

Bob Vs. Bear was a very simple side scrolling game that I created all of the background and obstacle elements for.  Here is what the split up background looks like, each section of it is a different length so while you run it moves at a different speed, giving it a parallax effect.  Each section also tiles so it seems to infinitely loop.

You can see the background and obstacles in action here:

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