Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mobile game studio portfolio part 2: Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom is probably the game I worked the most on, but because of the tiny resolution, I don't have too much to show. The game itself uses thousands of tiny pixel art assets- weapons and armors are usually no bigger than 20x20 pixels, and I made hundreds of them. Each image has many options with it, you can change what metal the weapons and armor are made of- which changes the color. So each single armor or weapon actually needs about 40 separate images, all too tiny to really show here.
 Here is an example character in PK with a shield and an ax:
Very tiny! 

 Here are just a couple of the few higher-res images, the splash screen for the newest expansion,2 character splash screens, and some sample fr-enemies from the game.

Druid class image

Monk class image

Sprite monsters

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Shanker Singh said...

How can i learn digital painting?
Please suggest and help me to learn digital painting.